Well here it is!...

The long awaited launch of the 2021 Range of Rockfield Studios Merchandise.

We have listened to feedback from our wonderful customers and streamlined the website for an even more enjoyable online experience!

There are now 4 fabulous ranges to choose from so click on the boxes below if a particular range floats your boat...

Alternatively click HERE to view the entire Rockfield Studios 2021 Collection!...


Please remember...

All items in the 2021 Rockfield Studios Range of high quality merchandise are made to order so please allow for this when ordering.

Also, we ask you to please check the sizing details of the products you order, as the returns and exchange process is time consuming and we would rather spend our time ensuring all orders are sent out on time and in perfect condition..

Thanks in advance!...

Treat the Kids with some fabulous Rockfield merchandise - specially selected in styles and colours perfect for all ages and sizes...

Rockfield Kids Hoodies Collection.png
Rockfield Kids BackPack Collection.png
Rockfield Kids Tees Collection.png

We're also launching our ROCKFIELD WORLD TOUR 2021 competition on Saturday
May 29th...

Simply send us snaps of your Rockfield gear on your travels... wherever it may be - on the beach, a bike, a plane, next to a famous landmark or even in the garden at home!


Each week we will choose our favourite photo and the winner will receive a free "Rockfield Goodie Bag"

So come on... cameras at the ready!!



There has been much interest from around the globe since we first launched the new merch range back in October last year - we have been looking at international delivery options and will soon be able to dispatch to many countries outside the UK including Europe, United States, Far East and Australasia - watch this space...

Rockfield colour logo Tee Black.fw - Cop

The original Rockfield range of Tees, Hoodies, Caps, Beanies, Brollies & Mugs, all featuring the classic full-colour Rockfield logo




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Bands Hoodie CONTRAST Brown.fw.png

First launched in October 2020 the "Stars" range features the already iconic "Bands" design featuring many of the bands & artists who have recorded at Rockfield Studios...




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2021 Tee 1960s Purple.png




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Brand new for 2021 - a fabulous range of garments & accessories featuring decade-themed designs for each of the 6 decades since the Rockfield Legend began way back in the 1960s...

2021 Tee Vintage Blk- Sky print.png




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Brand new for 2021 - Superb collection of clothing & accessories featuring the brand new 60th Anniversary designs

Kingsley Tee 85% trans.png

Well would you look at that!! Kingsley at his very best -

The Rockfield Legend at "work" as the band waits patiently on...!!

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